Debt Relief through Validation

Do you have mounting debt that you are unable to pay off that has perhaps moved to collection status? Are you getting collect-calls from 3rd parties trying to collect on your debt? Find out how Freedom Loan Resolution can help you get debt relief legally through a process called debt validation.

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How Debt Validation Works

Debt validation is the process of forcing 3rd party agencies or collection companies to prove that you do in fact owe the debt they are trying to collect on. There are many ways why your debt can be proven invalid, and our debt relief counselors will work with you to represent you to help you get the debt relief you need through debt validation services.

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Work with the Experts

Through debt resolution and validation, our debt counselors will represent you, forcing the collection agencies to go through the tedious task of proving your debt is valid and that the amount owed is legitimate. If these facts can’t be proven, we can help invalidate your debt.

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Debt Resolution and Validation

When it comes to debt resolution and debt validation services, rely on Freedom Loan Resolution. We can help lessen the amount you allegedly owe and with debt validation, you may be able to avoid your alleged debt all together.

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With the help of Freedom Loan Resolution and our expert debt validation counselors, you too can experience debt relief through the legal process of debt validation. Let us work with you to force the debt collectors to prove you legally owe the debt they are trying to collect on and that the amount is valid. If not, you can get the relief you need.

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Freedom Loan Resolution Provides Debt Relief Through Debt Validation Services

Freedom Loan Resolution has experienced debt counselors that are standing by to help you with debt resolution through the legal process of debt validation. Debt validation forces 3rd party agencies and collection agencies to prove that you owe the debt and that the amount they are trying to collect is a valid amount. If they can’t prove you legally owe the debt or that the amount is valid, you may be able to receive complete relief on the amount you may owe.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Teacher Loan Forgiveness
Perkins Loan Cancellation (includes Teacher Cancellation)
Total and Permanent Disability Discharge
Death Discharge
Bankruptcy Discharge (in rare cases)
Closed School Discharge
False Certification of Student Eligibility or Unauthorized Signature/Unauthorized Payment Discharge

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Shiree R.

Freedom Loan Resolution worked with me to deal with the collection agencies. My debt was proven invalid because the debt that I owed had changed hands so many times and they were unable to prove the amount. Thank you so much!

Devon S.

The counselors at Freedom Loan Resolution really know what they are doing. They helped represent me during while I was going through collections and helped get me a favorable resolution.

Erica L.

I had the best experience with FLRS. He was very patient and informative. He was also sensitive when speaking with my about my concerns. He is one of the best customer service professionals I’ve ever spoken to–just as impressive as the money that I saved by calling! Thank you!

Tommy J.

FLRS was awesome. I had over 30k in debt collections due to a hardship I was experiencing. The agents at FLRS assisted me with validating my debt with the collection agencies. Overall, FLRS helped greatly reduce the total amount of debt I actually owed.


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Debt Resolution Disclaimer

Freedom Loan Resolution makes no promises or guarantees that we can lessen or eliminate any debt, alleged or not that you may owe. The averages that we state are based on prior results. These results will vary depending on your unique enrolled creditors and tailored program terms. Fees for debt reduction are specific to the individual enrolled. The term of the program will be determined during your free consultation. Not every member is able to successfully complete the program for a wide range of reasons. We do not guarantee results or that your debts will be resolved for a specific percentage or within a specific time frame. We do not assume your debts, provide tax advice, bankruptcy advice or accounting advice. Our service is not available in all states. If you are unsure if we service your state, please inquire with our member success team. The fees that we charge may vary depending the state in which you reside. Please contact your accountant to discuss the tax implications that you may experience after debt settlements programs. Please be sure to read and understand all enrollment information prior to enrolling into our program. Debt reduction will likely adversely affect your credit score, may result in you being sued by creditors and/or collection agencies. In addition, your balances may increase while in the debt reduction program due to fees and interest accruals. Once a resolution is successfully executed by us on your behalf, the debt is satisfied.