Loan Consolidation Prep

Students with various federal student loans from different lenders may wish to consider loan consolidation in California. Federal student loan consolidation is a great way to help manage your federal student loan repayment plan. For those that are looking to pay off or pay down their student loans, consolidating them can help you manage your mandatory living expenses, credit card bills, housing or rent payments and your student debt.

In California federal student loan consolidation, all of your federal student loans are organized into one new loan, with one new lender, with one monthly payment. This can be a big stress relief to students that had the desire to maintain paying off their student debt, but struggled to manage all of the various payment deadlines each month.

In loan consolidation, you are able to choose a payment plan that is affordable to you and our student debt counselors will help you organize all of your federal student loan documents to help ready them for submission.