New York

Student Loan Forgiveness

Students with past due student loans that are struggling to make ends meet may be eligible for any of the student loan forgiveness programs available to students in the state of New York. Options available to you are principal reduction, loan forgiveness or a complete loan discharge. Each case is different and our student debt counselors can help guide you through loan forgiveness process.

We understand the situation that you are in and know that it can be stressful juggling mandatory living expense payments along with student loan debt. When you have fallen behind on your student loans, student loan forgiveness is a great option for getting out of the hole that you are in. Our student loan forgiveness counselors will review your specific case and help determine which option is best for your circumstance.

Income Based Payments

People suffering from financial hardship in New York may be eligible to be placed on an income based payment plan. In this type of plan, New York borrowers will have a single payment that is based on your income and family size. Depending on your individual circus stance, your payment could be as low as $0.00 per month.

Income based payment plans are great for individuals that have the means and desire to pay off there student loans and other debts, but are struggling to juggle all of their payments. In many cases, your income and family size will help reduce the actual out of pocket costs per month when you start your new income based payment plan.

Loan Consolidation Prep

New York Loan Consolidation will take all of your federal student loans and combine them into one new loan. This will help students that are looking to repay their student debts be able to more easily manage their repayment. Often times students will have multiple types of student loans from different lenders with different payments being due each month. Federal student loan consolidation in New York will take all of those loans and consolidate them into one loan with one payment.

Being able to more easily manage your student loan repayment is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t fall behind on payments. Balancing multiple student loan bills each month in addition to other mandatory living expenses can be stressful. With loan consolidation, you can have one loan payment for your student debt. Let our student loan counselors help you with all of the necessary paperwork for your loan consolidation so you can get on the road to a better financial future.

Call our student loan counselors in New York today to discuss your student loan forgiveness options at 888-780-6225. We will work with you to determine which programs you qualify for and help you understand your options