What is a debt validation?

Debt validation is a process where experienced debt resolution counselors such as ourselves respresent you against the debt collectors and require that they provide specific sets of documents that prove you owe the alleged debt. Failure to do so means you may be able to pay nothing on debt that you may legally owe.

Who is eligible or should inquire about debt resolution services?

Any consumer who has debt that is in collections or that has been purchased by a third party. In some cases, the third party or the collection agency may have already contacted you. If so, get in touch with us right away so we can begin the validation process.

How much will I save with debt resolution?

In debt resolution, every case is different. You may owe thousands or tens of thousands in debt, legally. The collection agency will make a claim that you owe thousands or tens of thousands, but until the debt is validated, it is only an alleged debt and must be proven. If the debt collectors or agency can’t prove some or all of the amount, the entire collection may be invalidated.

How do I get started?

Contact the expert debt resolution counselors at Freedom Loan Resolution today and let us represent you.